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Career Counseling

Career Counseling services offered in Jacksonville, FL

The time you spend at work needs to be enjoyable and rewarding for the best quality of life. If you face challenges with your job, contact the Heath Counseling and Consultation Services team in Jacksonville, Florida. Their experienced team members offer expert career counseling to get your working life back on track. Call the office to find out how you could benefit from career counseling. You can also book your telehealth or in-person appointment online today.

Career Counseling

What is career counseling?

Career counseling can help you overcome challenges arising at work or problems affecting your career progression. You need some challenges to enjoy a rewarding career, or your days will lack motivation and focus. Pushing yourself to achieve your goals and improve your performance can also be rewarding and productive.

However, career challenges can become a problem if you don’t have the skills or experience to manage them or if there’s insufficient support available. You might also struggle at work if you have underlying mental health problems or are facing difficulties in your personal life, such as a relationship breakdown or a period of grief.

Without help and support, these problems could cause significant stress, leading to psychiatric disorders like depression and anxiety. The Heath Counseling and Consultation Services team’s expertise in career counseling can help you face your challenges and overcome them.

What career problems benefit from counseling?

Common problems that can affect your career include:

Chronic stress

Constant stress can cause problems sleeping, anxiety, fatigue, and a drop in your work performance. Unless you find ways to reduce and manage stress, its effects can make you mentally and physically ill. Excessive, unrelieved stress can lead to overwhelm, where thinking about work causes feelings of panic and the belief you can’t cope.

Lack of progression

Sometimes, people become frustrated by their lack of career progression. They might be ready for more responsibility and feel upset by the lack of opportunities available or seeing other employees taking positions they want. You might feel stale, bored, and unfulfilled by your current role with no prospect of change.


Stress, overwhelm, and frustration can lead to irritability and workplace tension, causing problems with your colleagues and/or manager.

All these issues can result in poor work performance. However, with expert help from the Heath Counseling and Consultation Services team’s skilled careers counselors, you can overcome these challenges and get your career back on track.

What does career counseling involve?

Heath Counseling and Consultation Services offers several solutions to career issues. They use techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) to help you overcome your challenges.

You can also benefit from life coaching, which allows you to find direction and purpose and gives you the practical skills to advance your career.

Find out more about career counseling by calling Heath Counseling and Consultation Services today or requesting an appointment online.